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  • Hard News: Deprived of speech, he sang…,

    Yep, same here. How did he get inside people's heads like that? Maybe the moral authority he represented, the sense that unlike most of us he'd managed to completely stay true to his artistic project, regardless of the usual trivial tyrannies of middle age, kids and mortgages.

    I learned a lot from Chris in a few evenings on the whiskey (about whiskey, amongst other things). What a cool cat.

    I've been kicking myself extremely hard that I let go of the opportunity to film his story and his music making a couple of years ago, like a damn fool allowing the momentum to go out of it in the face of a synchronised shrug from the networks (one exec said "I guess my Dad might be interested...").

    But they're ex officio stupid... I have no excuse. DAMN IT!

    At the time Chris joked that he noticed everyone seemed to be suddenly wanting to memorialise his life all of a sudden, like maybe the universe was trying to tell him something.


    Well look, he's still alive and kicking, and I bet living his life now with a humbling bravery, with his usual knack of seemingly effortlessly living a true artist's life.


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  • Cracker: Fiji Baby,

    "...having spent today being blown around Wellington in increasingly deteriorating conditions"

    Damn straight Aucklanders, ditch your preconceptions about the recreational opportunities in grey old Wellington...


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  • Hard News: Friday funnies, mostly,

    > ...a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, Microsoft Office
    > Professional 2007 and OneCare.

    ... and second prize is a shipping-container-load of Windows Vista Ultimate, a multinational site-licence for Microsoft Office Professional 2007, and an intimate dinner with Steve Ballmer....


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  • Hard News: Just a little bit good, surely?,

    Hi all,

    How anyone could even vaguely NOT instantly see that gay-basher "Danny Davies" is pulling the piss utterly confounds me.

    If you're that dumb you'd probably go to war on the say-so of any moron just cause you like his hat or his dog or something... oh, never mind.


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