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  • Hard News: Everybody's Machiavelli, in reply to Dylan Reeve,

    agreed but in light of events I think we are forced to dig just a little deeper here.god forbid the last word on it be left to Slater.

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  • Hard News: Everybody's Machiavelli,

    Ok I think I get it now
    Chuang outed Brown over the affair because she didnt think he should be Mayor,but voted for him anyway.
    There was no right wing pressure to do so ,except ,Luigi Wewege, half the the Palino support crew and NZs most famous/infomous, right wing blogger (his father & Palino being the only ones in the dark it seems ! )
    @Whaleoil only released it as public service because Brown should be held to a higher moral standard than either you,me or Slater himself. But Banks gets a pass because ,well Im not sure why(Cam email me pls)
    And finally Brown clearly faced up to his total screw up (no pun intended) even though there was no proof & he could have played the "prove it" game. Where as Luigi Wewege, is denying ever having had a relaionship with her dispite loads of recorded txts and so on.But of course he is entitled to his private life as he isnt running for office himself.
    Yep all clear now.
    So all that Im really concerned about is if Brown used his position as Mayor to have any person he had a relationship with employed in a business associated with Auckland City ie Chuang now that bothers me ,if it is so.
    And of course if we believe that Chuang is clearly regretting going public just why did she then make a further statement on Slaters blog saying the exact opposite ? and if she didnt make that satement who did and to whom and how did Slater come to hear or recieve the so called statement ? (Cam email me pls )
    That is all :)

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