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  • Speaker: 1600 beneficiaries moving into…,

    The amount of people coming into W and I Service Centres has actually increased.
    The backlog of processing work is at one of the highest levels as well. The proposed amalgamation of Senior Services and Studylink will only add to the workflow problems, so in short, the Statistics are flawed, and the problems are going to get worse. The Job Placement service has actually gone backward in the last 2 years.

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  • Feed: Fulminating and fermenting,

    Mmm Deep Creek Brewing, a home away from home !

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  • Hard News: Being Jim,

    Russell, has Jimmy ever thought of an online blog ? My son, James, also an Aspie writes for Craccum and finds it very satisfying to write about his view of the world, and also hopefully show others that Aspies can function in normal society.
    Although just whats normal is a debate we won't get into !

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