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  • OnPoint: Quickfisk: Youth Unemployment,

    Hey Keith, I'm pretty late to this...and your blog...but after browsing the page, and scrolling down to see what you've been writing...I settled here just because it was the last article that my phone would show me, without clicking the "older posts" button.

    Just wanted to add a little unseen input to the stats that may, or may not have been mentioned...due to me being too lazy to read everyone's response, but I know that if you are on any other benefit, other than the unemployment benefit (sickness, invalids, etc...), and are in fact unemployed, you technically aren't registered as unemployed in the "system", and therefore do not count towards the "unemployment stats" that the ministry of social development would like you or I to see, depending of course on who you or I work for. Just putting it out there for arguments sake.

    Keep doing what you're doing, Keith!
    Enjoying the blog...when I get a chance to read it :)

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