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    I think a lot of what happened to Cameron Slater, he bought down on himself. He could have shown a lot more humility. Humility doesn't equal weakness, it shows that you can accept criticism instead of snapping like a cornered hyaena. Your comments about a lack of mental health services is correct, it took me six months to get an appointment with a local psychiatrist at the mental health unit. Five years ago I was prescribed Efexor for clinical depression, I started off on 75Mg a day and over the five years I ended up on over 600Mg a day and it wasn't having any effect. Despite my doctor writing letters it seemed as though they considered I was being treated with the medication but I felt worse than ever and felt like living death all day long, mornings were disgusting, being unable to cope and lying in bed until 11AM because I couldn't muster the energy to get up. Finally I saw the intake co-ordinator and am now waiting to see a psych. Many, many times I felt like ending it, especially after losing one of my companion animals in my arms. Basically I lacked even the energy to do something about ending it all. One animal in particular I couldn't bear to leave. Laugh if you want but it gives me something to get up for. Finally ACC will pay for psychologist visits which helped years ago. Talking therapy works sometimes, if you are lucky. My one attempt at group therapy depressed me even more and made me more depressed. But anyway I can understand and sympathise with people who do kill themselves, my fear was that I would cock it all up and end a vegetable, unable to look after myself and have the pity of nursing staff. I couldn't stand that. Whatever you say, it takes strength to kill yourself.

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