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  • Hard News: More Wikipedia Scanning,

    Looks like the Howard gov't in Australia have learned from their YouTube experience, and are now spreading the love to Wikipedia:

    Particularly scary, though not surprising:
    "WikiScanner also identifies employees of another department, Defence, as the most prolific Wikipedia contributors in Australia."

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  • Hard News: Grandpa,

    Thanks, Russell, for sharing such a tribute. I have to say that after reading it my thoughts, after dabbing my strangely damp eyes, were that I hope such a text could be written for me 20 years after I'm gone.

    I've been a (mostly) silent reader for many years, your words have followed me in all of my travels since leaving NZ in 1994. I have appreciated them, laughed with them, sometimes gritted my teeth with them, and often applauded them. Thank you.

    I wish you, you family, and all the readers, a happy and safe Christmas and a joyous New Year.

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