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  • Hard News: Friday Music: The Two Sevens Clashed, in reply to Grant McDougall,

    OK, let's set the record straight: it is me in the background, but the jacket was an old op-shop suit jacket, not a leather one. The indoor scenes for the clip were fimed in Wellington in July '79 (I could look up the exact date) at a posh restaurant called No.13 Boulcott St - a building with a long and colourful history, but that's another story. It was a surreal scene: all these media & record company liggers, and a handful of us punks who'd managed to get in. The bit where Iggy clouted that woman after she tossed wine at him was not pre-planned, I'm sure. After the filming Iggy sat in a corner and talked with us punks, totally ignoring everyone else. Later he turned up at the Rock Theatre in Vivian St when local punks The Normals were playing. He just sat in a coner by himself, but no one dared to approach him...

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  • Flying Nun Moments,

    At a Toy Love gig in Wellington sometime in mid-1979, Chris Knox introduced a song by saying "This song is respectfully dedicated to The Clean, who are worth waiting for."

    Two years later, we found out why.

    The first Clean gig in Wellington, on 24 September 1981 , was one of the most eagerly anticipated events in what was a barren year for Wellington's punk and post-punk community. The middle of 1981 had truly been the winter of our discontent, thanks to a combination of increasing violence instigated by the growing skinhead/bootboy tribe, and of course the Springbok tour. This, plus a lack of suitable venues for bands, meant that Wellington's vibrant underground music scene of the previous couple of years had dissipated somewhat by late 1981.

    So when we all converged on Thistle Hall in upper Cuba St that spring evening, we were well up for it, having been already primed by the "Tally Ho" single and the "Boodle" EP. We were soooo hanging out to hear "Point that Thing" live*

    The gig began well, but before long several cops came upstairs and closed it down. The reason? Some aggro outside between bootboys and some local Rastas (Thistle Hall was located in Nomad gang turf, y'understand). Everything was fine inside, but the cops, still a bit baton-happy after the Springbok tour protests, would have none of it.

    What to do? Before long it was decided, in true showbiz fashion, that the show must go on. So The Clean, aided by willing locals, loaded their gear into the van, and everyone headed for the infamous 212 The Terrace, focal point for the so-called "Terrace Scene" that included the likes of The Wallsockets (defunct by that stage), Naked Spots Dance, Beat Rhythm Fashion, and Life in the Fridge Exists.

    212 had a ginormous living room, so The Clean set their gear up at one end, and the gig resumed. There was no PA system, so David Kilgour's amp did double-duty as a vocal PA. The sound, predictably, was pretty rough, but nobody cared * and I'll tell ya what, although I've seen The Clean many times since then, I don't think I ever enjoyed one of their gigs as much as that one. This was a gig true to the original spirit of punk.

    Did they play "Point That Thing"? Can't remember - sure they did though!

    (And I still have my ultra-rare stand-up press kit for "Boodle"...)

    - David Maclennan

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