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  • Hard News: Where do you get yours? (Food…,

    I LOVE the Avondale markets (insert shameless plug here: and the Mt Roskill New World is very good, stocking a lot of the fancy Sabato bits and pieces, though at the same price. You get what you pay for I guess....I've certainly learned my lesson when it comes to cheap anchovies! The Stoddard Rd shops also deserve a shout out for their spicy goodness, and I fully rate Mohammed's Halal Meats on Richardson Rd. Their whole chickens still have their necks on, for only $6.99. Not free range but oh my god what a bargain.

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  • Hard News: The GST Punt,

    May I suggest that anyone in Auckland who objects to paying GST on their fruit and veg (or banana pancakes for that matter) simply do their shopping at the Avondale or Otara markets? Or is that too simplistic?

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  • Cracker: Sintax,


    When we went to Hamilton I said
    "Just pretend it's a holiday" and you said
    "Yep, I'll just pretend it's Fiji baby."

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  • OnPoint: Astrotobacco,

    As someone whose mother works in one of rest homes listed on the Aged Care Association website, I reckon they'd feel quite comfortable in this company. She's a care giver in a closed Dementia ward where the (slightly above minimum wage) care givers have recently been told they now have to do all the cleaning of the unit as well. I know it's a limited funding environment but I reckon that's just disgraceful!

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  • Hunting Fails,

    How about the giant chain strung across the entrance to the Waitemata Harbour as an underwater trip wire style defense against submarines? Not sure how effective that would have been.

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