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  • Hard News: Introducing GodTube,

    That Christ-follower vs. Christian series of clips is bizarre - I don't see the value of ditching the name 'Christian' and the associated centuries of history. After all, that's half the point of being a Christian (or any religion) - it provides you with a connection to the past, validating and locating you within the shared history of the religion. Sure, there are great chunks of that history you'd want to distance yourself from, but there's also plenty of good stuff, too.

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  • Hard News: Nasty mixtures,

    And now a message from the target demographic:

    This 'X cut with BZP' notion has a loud ring of truth about it. Right now in Wellington there is a lot of X around, but it is cheap X, and it has a shitty BZP-like comedown. But I'm not convinced that this is a major problem - if you're the type of person to be buying illicit pills, and you are offered a cheaper pill, you assume it is cut. On the other hand, if you pay full price but wind up with a cut pill, you know you've been ripped off and you change dealers. I really can't imagine an X+BZP mixture is more dangerous than the standard X+Speed or X+P that we're used to. What exactly is the issue here? "Drug dealers are dishonest"?

    (For those who haven't experienced a party pill comedown, just imagine how you'd feel the morning after eating, say, a couple hundred peppers, dried, powdered, and compressed into a pill.)

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  • Hard News: Chew before swallowing,

    Now I'm not an especially politically-informed person, but isn't the Red party the one that is all about giving people free stuff, whereas the Blue party is about making people work for stuff? So if this Blue party guy pushes this beat-up of a story to the point of it one day becoming policy, wouldn't that somewhat undermine their stand against that Red party?

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  • Hard News: The Big Roundup,

    I know it is early days yet, but this is going to take a bit of beating for biggest 'Fuck Yeah!' line of the year:

    I think there should be a special lounge for everyone who's been to every Big Day Out anyway.


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  • Speaker: Funny, sexy and ours,

    I don't believe I've ever read anything from Mr. Campbell before: I'm glad that goofy grin comes through as loud and as clear and as cajoling without the aid of TV stage lighting.


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