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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Up the Charts,

    Dead Kennedys made the Top 10 with "Too Drunk To Fuck". Ready To Roll had to abbreviate the name (of course) to "Too Drunk" though...

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  • Hard News: Squatting in the Square,

    I squatted in 4 different areas of London between from 1991 to 1993. It was a lot easier moving into a squat, than breaking in & setting one up ;-)

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  • Hard News: Violence in the streets,

    I understand the feeling of being blamed by some when being the victim of an unprovoked attack. It's totally unfair, unhelpful, & hurtful.

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  • Flying Nun Moments,

    So many Nun moments so little space. Here's three which stick out in the memory:

    1. The Clean at Gurus, Waikato University 1986(ish) - the place was completely rammed and my (then) girlfriend & I were getting majorly squashed against the front of the stage. Emboldened by beer I thought "sod this" & jumped up on stage, grabbed my partner, & we raged the rest of the gig right next to Hamish (the drummer). No-one told us to bugger off, the crowd went nuts, & apparantly The Clean rate this as THE best gig they've ever had.

    2. The Skeptics & The Headless Chickens at The Venue, Auckland 1986 (I think) - both bands played two nights taking turns as to who started each time, both IMO at the height of their brilliance, and the two drummers of The Skeptics completely blew me away!!!

    3. Fetus Productions at The Hillcrest, Hamilton 1986 or 87 - again treated to two nights of brilliance. First night during an interlude I asked the tallest band member (yes I do know his name) whether he felt like a puff or three outside with my mate & he very keenly said yes. Next night just had to look in his direction when the interlude arrived & out we went. Needless to say the second sets each night were stranger & more gloroius than the first ones (or what I can remember of them anyway).

    Ah, good times...

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