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  • Cracker: Rate my Date,

    Lets face it NZ is a giant school yard and the last time people publicly felt okay about asked each other out was in form two. Who doesn't remember the promise of a pash behind the bike sheds and a chain that turned you neck green? Sure the romances were short but boy were they sweet. Nowadays it is harder to get your mate to pass a note to the boy you like asking him to go round with you, so why not get online and do it yourself.? Dating needs to be encouraged, the typical kiwi 2am scramble doesn't make anyone feel special; it just means you happened to be in the right (?) place at the right time when the supermarket lights come on. I mean who hasn’t done the walk of shame and vowed never to do that again? The sex is always shit, you now have another person you have to studiously yet casually avoid and you are stuck with a monumental hangover.

    Dating people however, is choice. Provided you both have the same dating etiquette. Surely it is not that hard to be interested and interesting, turn up on time, make an effort with your presentation, and approach the date realistically ie not as a mini marriage proposal! Not all women want to have babies in two years and not all men want chicks with big tits.

    It is time for kiwis to take off their dating trailing wheels, get on the two wheeler and ride.

    "I LOVE dating; Dating Rulz!"

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