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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Melodrama,

    The Gladstone _was_ open on Sundays in the early eighties, despite the law. I remember, we'd get served hip-flasks as 14 year olds. Though admittedly, there weren't any gigs going down...

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  • Hard News: Fear of Cycling,


    Thanks for the post @Russell; that video is near Oval in South London, I pass it myself daily and there are often more cyclists than shown. I started cycling in London in 2003, along Old Kent Road, I was one of the few cyclists about and got regular abuse for being on the road (honked at, sworn at, etc.,). Now drivers are in the main quite polite, but there are so many cyclists that sit behind gridlocked traffic I could squeeze through it's hard to get ahead sometimes. My frustration is tempered by the warm-heartedness I feel from so many cyclists; as HG Wells said, 'every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race'.

    Attached a clear visualisation of the space various traffic modes take up on our roads you might find useful to influence others; I was shocked at the imbalance. Image comes from here:

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  • Hard News: What rules are these?,

    I wonder how the early-80s New Zealand Party leader Bob Jones' attitude would pass muster these days...

    He should do a special offer on celebrity boxing lessons.

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  • Hard News: Lowering the Stakes, in reply to Sol K,

    I got doored by a taxi passenger exiting on the right beside Trafalgar Square. Broke my leg and suffered head injury. The passenger was an American tourist and the taxi disappeared. Agree with the principle, just not always safe to ride on the outside...

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  • Hard News: Mandela,

    Thanks Matthew for having the courage to write that. Public Address was absolutely the right place to post it.

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  • Speaker: Gender quotas (and helping…,

    To use Stephen's example on Rachel's math, we'll just give the kids a bigger cake. Johnny gets a bigger slice even as it's only half this time...

    Sorry, Rachel, I'm picking at a crumb there when the menu fills me with joy; still a long way to go mind...

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  • Hard News: Tooled Up for Food,


    This post and comments are cookin' hot. I can get a handle on a new-fangled electrical gizmo when necessary, but I try to use traditional methods where possible.

    I picked up the mincer in a French village street market for €2; with a bunch of smoked paprika and green peppercorns you've got amazing bean-burgers.

    The pasta machine is an Italian Imperia and, combined with a breadmaker for kneading the dough, makes incredibly textured pasta as quickly as you can boil it dried.

    The Spong & Co No.2 coffee grinder is a cheap-o antique from eBay. They must have known how important a good grind was back in the forties.

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