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  • Hard News: The Big Day Out, Auckland, 2009,

    Two things to note:
    a) Neil Young was awesome
    b) His compositions would be Canadian

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  • Field Theory: They're talking to you,

    I have to vote for The Phoenix Foundation's 'Bleaching Sun' video as my A#1 but yup Roots is a contender

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  • Cracker: Rate my Date,

    So, I was sharing dating stories with a friend of mine yesterday and she sent me this. I've got consent from her to post it and i've made it deliberately vague name-wise. Enjoy

    Classic story.....
    Myself and my flatmate signed up to online dating about a month ago (in my defence, she wanted to do it but would only sign up if I did it too!).
    For the last 4 weeks she has been having daily conversations with this guy called Mr Essential. He seemed intelligent, funny, cultured bla bla, everything she was looking for. So after a month of online conversation, she agrees to meet up with him for a date. They went to a classy wine bar in the city on Friday night....enjoyed a bottle of red wine, ate fine food then went dancing. She got home about 1am swooning over how nice he was - said that he was quite hot, and the kind of guy she would like to see again.
    The next day she checks her online messages, and there is one from him saying "you're magnetic and incredibly sexy, I see us being more than friends. I had a fun time with you last night and you dance good too. There is only one person that dances better than you and that's my six year old son."


    He waited a whole month to tell her....and even then he didn't tell her on their date. He lived in China for 8 years so I suspect it's an Asian boy. Funny. She dumped him.

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