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  • Hard News: Truth to Power, etc,

    "I said I couldn't work out exactly what was going on"

    Pot kettle black on all that that with regards the clearness of your scribing as well I must add. At times I have no idea what you are writing about because it is muddled and nonsensical but I trust there is a market for it somewhere.

    Others have managed to follow my posts Russell, even the numbering system on my latest post which was in response to a concern a reader had that he didn't like comments by bloggers in between text.

    I guess it is a case of if you knew what was happening and had seen the email you would be happily claiming it as a story of your own. That someone else first raised it gets you all grumpy. That it was me makes you even grumpier. That you can't get an audience with Tim Murphy sends you into hyper-grumpiness.

    As for the rest of the PA comments stodgy regulars - yeah rattle in the insular little Russell Brown fan club. It's a fairer hearing for a non-PA insider at Red Alert.

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  • Hard News: Truth to Power, etc,

    Fine Russell for a OTT inflammatory response to something you in your High Princeliness of the MSM deemed inflammatory (by my standards it was a very calm and controlled issuing of facts I had received) but yes, I too would be interested for someone in the organisation to come up with the reason this document that I named specifically in specific emails was distributed from Sydney HQ in response clearly to a current issue/problem that APN have been facing, else why send it out?

    That you have admitted you haven't actually seen the email and have asked people to send it to you says to me you cannot make this blanket assumption that blogger wrong and evil and needs to once again be "outed" (yawn), Herald right and APN doing what is normal.

    For Mr Murphy's reasoning I have concluded in my latest post does not make a great deal of sense and more than a handful of better qualified and experienced people than yourself tend to be agreeing with me, some via email, another being a member of your own writing team here at PA.

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  • OnPoint: Gotcha?,

    Finally entry through the front.

    Right, everyone's an expert in this.

    Keith you really are a numb nuts and Russell should demote you to last on his list of blogs. You have relaunched my blog to perfection. You should have taken my advice to combine sex and travel the other day for your own sake.

    Whatever the cost of the NZ company it is not cheaper to purchase for me than one in Belize. You think I negotiate retail for anything offshore? Where does the $400 come from? So cut the silly comments about NZ being cheaper than elsewhere. It is not. I have explained why this company was set up at length to you. I am sorry that I did not give you the answers that you wanted - that this is some kind of evil conspiracy to (newnewnewnew) protect Cameron from the 12,000 people who have apparently launched defamation actions against him.

    I am not NZ tax resident. If I was to set up a NZ company, I would be a non-resident if I was named director or shareholder which complicates matters as you have to have natural person directors.

    Gotcha Publishing Limited has not earned one cent of income. Except for Belize there is no reporting obligation anywhere with respect to this company, especially NZ. Gotcha Publishing Limited has never owned property or traded in NZ. Fullstop.

    Next point - the site was never registered by authorised officers of the company Gotcha Publishing Limited, and no I am not one and nor is Cameron Slater. Therefore Gotcha Publishing Limited does not own the site and has absolutely nothing to do with the site. From what I can see Keith Ng Limited could own the site if someone stuck the details up with freeparking. Such is the silliness of the registration system on domains. I think I have raised these concerns before with respect to the internet. You can fake details in registration. The details were not fake. They were just incorrect. As was the reference on the Gotcha site. As I have explained. If you hit this link you will now see the correct details.

    I do not own the Gotcha domain name. I have never owned Gotcha Publishing Limited. Gotcha Publishing Limited has never owned the Gotcha domain name. I did not register the details for Gotcha's domain name.

    But Keith, I work in the offshore industry. Yes. I own offshore companies. I am personal director of many offshore companies. I am trustee of offshore trusts. This is not illegal. I am a tax resident of Hong Kong and a NZ passport holder. Hong Kong does not tax (like NZ does) on worldwide income so I can own as many offshore companies as I like as long as income is generated outside of HK and I never have to return a cent in HK or the offshore jurisdictions. The moment I left NZ I no longer was NZ tax resident and have no reporting obligation to NZ unless I do business there.

    Even if I was NZ tax resident this would not be illegal or even remotely suspicious provided the correct disclosures are made and income returned. The IRD collect these documents, not prying twits like yourself.

    You will have to do better because all you have achieved here is show that you are utterly incompetent in your research attempting I assume to smear Cameron with silliness.

    Now how are those Hager emails coming along?

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  • Cracker: Gossip, Music and Laughs,


    You didn't root up her Blackberry did you? Personally I would have thrown it at your head and put the insurance claim form in right there for the damage someone at Vodafone did to it.

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  • Island Life: No soup for you,

    "When we get to the show trials for moral bankruptcy in a gilded age, the tax lawyers will be in the dock next to Jeff Skilling and Paris Hilton".

    Poor David. What about all the journalists unqualified in any business acumen at all who spread random tripe about how the markets are crashing and who is to blame?

    Fortunately in times of strife our industry booms a boomier boom. When tightness sets in people always want to pay even less tax. Next to cockroaches, tax lawyers will be around as long as Governments choose to steal from the new emergers of high net worth.

    Bless - that the new rich are those who trade not in debt, but cash.

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  • Random Play: Age shall not weary me,

    This is ridiculous.

    Although I see an opportunity.

    As a barely thirty something supporter of horizontal physical therapy of now "the elderly", can I get a government grant?

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  • Island Life: Page 3 Boy,


    Free Thursday week?

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  • Simon Dallow wins at Qantas Awards,


    He came across as the kind of guy that has a shave and a shower before sex that's what. A nancy.

    A real man would have given her some tongue back and sat and enjoyed the kiss longer.

    To me the most cringe making scene was acknowledging his competitor for longer than enjoying the kiss.

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  • Cracker: Rate my Date,


    For goodness sake, you have a blog, you work in the media.

    What the hell do you need to go looking for a date on an internet site??

    I mean the whole purpose of being famous or even mildly is that members of the opposite sex are shallowly attracted to you by watching you on TV or even reading something you write in a newspaper or on the internet.

    Christ, the whole reason I started a blog was to create my whole personalised online dating opportunity. I have taken advantage of readers shallowness several times now, with reasonable success. They have not all been nutters.

    I suggest you simply use the medium to which you work.


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