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  • Field Theory: And like that, it's gone,

    >Normal ice skates are cut both ways, so they have two edges, one on >each side. Speed skates have only one sharp edge, they'd tend to fall >over a lot more going clockwise.

    Reeeaaalllyyy late to the conversation. Speed skates do have 2 edges, but they are thinner than hockey or figure skates. They are also a 'flat grind' ie they don't have a concave between the 2 edges like hockey or figure. Speed skates are set up to only go one way, especially in short track with the sharper corners. The blades are offset to the left of the boot so the boot doesn't touch the ice on the corners and they are also curved (bent) to to the left to help cornering.

    Auckland, Chch and Dunedin have speed skating clubs and NZ has a good history in short track speed skating with NZ winning the 5000m mens relay at the 1993 worlds and placing 4th at the 1992 Winter Olympics.


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  • Hard News: Good Newsing,

    Lucky sods...Still, the Vector tonight I''m sure will be great and if I'm close enough to the front it will almost feel like a small venue. Lots of tickets still on Trademe. Bet the Powerstation gig stuffed up a few scalpers plans of making a killing from on selling Vector tickets. How sad.

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