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Up Front: In Committee

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  • Craig Ranapia, in reply to Kumara Republic,

    This? Yeah, Garth is being somewhat disingenuous. (In other news: Fire is hot, water is wet, and bullshit smells nasty.) Of course, he can hold personal opinions but all the media exposure was due to his position as High Poo-Bah at the Insensible Flogging Club or whatever it’s called.

    When I was secretary of the Wellington Young Nats, I had a letter published in The Evening Post (ironically enough, on marriage equality), and some helpful sub noted the fact in a postscript. I’m the one who ended up getting a knuckle-rapping from the rest of the executive, and ended up asking the EP to run a clarification that a letter on my personal letterhead and not signed over an official title was my personal opinion.

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