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Up Front: Dear Dudebros

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  • Rosemary McDonald, in reply to ,

    There are laws that are designed to protect people from bullying in the work place

    Hah! Enforcement (also a kind of bullying?) is another thing altogether.

    A family member works in retail. Left the last job after a disgruntled older subordinate threatened physical violence and the Boss failed to properly address the issue.

    In their current job, (in a more senior role,) there is one particular staff member who is so awfully incompetent, obnoxious and generally arseholic that all the other staff...including the Boss...are running scared. It appears that workplace bullies are likely to cry "constructive dismissal" when rightfully confronted about their bullying behaviour.

    Family member in no position to quit yet another job and became really depressed. We hatched a plot. Obnoxious bully is a raving racist, who boasts of connections to white supremacists. Family member began celebrating the last Maori Language Week by greeting all customers in Te Reo...it caught on...big time...and for a while the bully was squashed.

    This situation is not 'gendered' in any way...this female bully bullies all.

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  • mark taslov, in reply to Deborah,


    Deborah I thought Emma wrote a really great post here, and what I liked most about it was that it was almost genderless – ascribing dudebros as an attitude more than anything – see Margaret Comer. As a victim of sexual assault I was disappointed that you chose to address Steven in this way, peppering the post with a hashtag explicitly designed – as Emma pointed out – to “ridicule” members of one gender group, a #hashtag so transphobic that Georgina Beyer would qualify as a man:

    A man is an adult male of the species homo sapiens. To clarify, “adult” here does not mean someone who’s able to pay their own rent, or treat others with respect. Adult simply means that this male has gone through puberty and is no longer a boy.

    Obviously our intersections with the victims here may differ. Yours appears to be that you are the same sex.

    As a transgender person in the lowest tax bracket working in the adult entertainment industry I see the issue – like yourself – as gendered, but I am also quite aware that this is but one intersection among many. In Scarlette’s case it’s also about rich versus poor, predator and prey, humanisation vs objectification, powerful vs weak, individual vs institution. It’s about many things and to be honest with you, speaking from personal experience I’m far more concerned about being beaten or raped by either gender than whether someone might question me walking alone after the fact.

    In Scarlette’s case the incident raised crucial questions about the treatment and safety of AEI workers in New Zealand, about internalised misogyny, about institutionalised rape culture, about the power of money and profile to influence public perception.

    In Kuggeleijn’s case, the issue raised questions about the fitness of our justice system’s handling of rape cases, it highlights the ineffectiveness of the jury system for cases of this nature and reiterates exactly why I would never dream of pressing charges against those successful members of our society who sexually assaulted me.

    I likewise have no doubt about your good faith, but it’s worth considering whether that kind of challenging gendered sloganeering is the most sensitive way to publicly address a victim of sexual abuse.

    As a top tier highly paid Caucasian academic equipped with networks to present your views about rape culture on national media platforms, it is worth contemplating whether you might have less in common with either Kuggeleijin’s (alledged) victim or Scarlette than some men do, #notallmen, but enough that greater sensitivity doesn't feel entirely uncalled for.

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