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Legal Beagle: The local bill to remove equal suffrage

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  • Idiot Savant,

    I've done mine. I invited the committee to consider some imperfect analogies such as arbitrary increases to the number of Māori seats (though this engages s12), or the creation of a local body gerrymander by giving disproportionate representation to the residents of a particular district (say, rich or rural voters).

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  • PaulL,

    Very clear and to the point Graeme. I like that you are able to submit on our behalf, and in particular that you canvas the potential for STV, which would be my preference for the Rotorua election (I live and vote in Rotorua).

    The Māori ward construct assumes that all Māori voters (or at least, all voters on the Māori roll) have common interests. The 3 member ward process, so far as I can tell, doesn't give proportional representation within that ward. I believe (based on my recollection of the last election) that we vote for 3 candidates in the ward. If a particular viewpoint has 60% sway in the ward (for argument's sake, 60% of the ward are Labour voters, and there are 3 Labour candidates standing), then the ward will return 3 Labour representatives - i.e. the 60% will get 100% representation.

    STV would give a much more fair result, where a variety of minority viewpoints could be represented - including the potential that some Māori on the Māori roll might want to vote for a right wing candidate even!! We see this with Tania Tapsell, who might be hard pressed to be elected in a Māori ward, but clearly has relatively wide support (if not a majority in a Māori ward).

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