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Legal Beagle: MMP Review #1: The Party Vote Threshold

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  • Graeme Edgeler, in reply to Steven Peters,

    From your knowledge, has any attempt(s) been by government/parliament to consider any of Bostons recommendations, or even more generally look at constitutional issues ” In the interests of ensuring a more orderly process of government formation, reducing political uncertainty and enhancing government durability”, under MMP

    There have been some discussions around a fixed term, but I don't know of everything else being discussed within government.

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  • Steven Peters,

    Okay that answers my question. Nothing of substance has been done to further Bostons suggestions regarding the desirability of constitutional changes in the 'new' MMP environment. I am surprised the EC did not include some of Bostons suggestions in their final report, given their concerns about 'stability'. If they had proposed such moves, they could have attached these to a proposed 3% threshold, instead of 4%.
    Could you tell me what would be required, in terms of a parliamentary vote, to abolish the Maori seats (75%?)

    CHCH • Since Oct 2012 • 96 posts Report

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