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Legal Beagle: Littering!

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  • Maui Smith,

    Agree. But I think s375 of the Criminal Procedure Act prevents a Judicial Officer from entering a conviction if the offence can be an infringement offence, no matter how the proceedings were bought to court.

    It will be better to be charged with a Category 1 offence, as the Judicial Officer is unlikely to fine you $1000 and you won't get a conviction anyway.

    Since Oct 2008 • 10 posts Report Reply

  • Craig Young,

    Excellent submission, but surely problem littering should be included within the Summary Offences Act, along with other public nuisance low-level offences? Why does it warrant a stand-alone statute in the first place?

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 573 posts Report Reply

  • simon g, in reply to Craig Young,

    Because National wanted to give Scott Simpson something to do? Preferably something that does not involve being interviewed on Morning Report.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 1330 posts Report Reply

  • andin,

    a bill whose sole purpose is to change a “$400” to a “$1000” in one section of the Litter Act.

    All it will do will piss off a lot people who will then cry its PC culture gone mad.

    raglan • Since Mar 2007 • 1890 posts Report Reply

  • Rochelle Wilson,

    An excellent submission Graeme. Thank you.
    And I would add that a moral, education approach to littering from Kindergarten School on-wards is essential. We must all be taught/shown that litter here goes there .. into gutters, rivers, the sea; into animals.
    I collect litter very walk [in a plastic bag re-used again and again] along the beach, QE Park and sometimes roads in Peakakariki where I live, but there is just too much to do other than an occasional pick up along the waterfront or streets of Wellington.

    Kapiti • Since Jul 2007 • 17 posts Report Reply

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