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Legal Beagle: A submission on the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Urgent Interim Classification of Publications and Prevention of Online Harm) Amendment Bill

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  • James Ting-Edwards,

    Cheers Graeme! Here is the submission from InternetNZ and a blog from our CE Jordan Carter with background.

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  • linger,

    Corrigenda (if you still have any chance to revise your submission)
    * "is put a deliberately wide" --> "it put …"
    * "hosts should not be expected to screen every ... video uploaded": "screen" is ambiguous in this context, "evaluate" is probably intended rather than "display" (later "censor" is used in the same context).
    * " It is should abandon its role in favour of the Secretary for Internal Affairs" [sic]: It seems some words have been omitted, leaving this expressing the exact reverse of its intended meaning.
    * "it should recommend that a number of amendments": delete "that".

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  • Kumara Republic,

    In any case, NZ needs either of the following about as much as it needs a nuclear waste dump:

    - a Great Firewall of China
    - a Wild West oligopoly dominated by Fox News & The Sun

    In fact, both of the above have far more in common than they overtly seem. Investigative journo Peter Maass summed it up best:

    Peter Maass @maassp
    24 Jun 2019:
    I’ve watched North Korean state TV, Romanian under Ceausescu, lots of Soviet TV (I was a student there), Serbian TV during Milosevic, and this is indistinguishable. And we have kids in cages and a president reliably accused of assault/rape by many women.

    Matthew Gertz @MattGertz:
    Jeanine Pirro talking about President Trump is completely indistinguishable from what you get in an authoritarian state media apparatus. "This kind of enthusiasm has never been matched in American history... there is a chord that this man strikes in the American heart."

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