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  • Kumara Republic,

    OT: I'd be saddened but not surprised in the least, if much of the 'racism' mentioned in this article ironically has a diverse face, given the make-up of the appellants. Howick, it seems, could be NZ's Orange County.

    A report on opposition to a proposed school for troubled youth, meant to open this year, revealed prejudices and racist views harboured by a well-off Auckland community.

    Thurston Place College was to be built in Howick to cater for up to 100 young people in Child Youth and Family care, between Years 7 and 13, who authorities believed would benefit from an alternative education.

    Plans to open the $6.3 million facility near two junior schools were canned last month after intense community opposition led by the Buckland's Beach Action Society and the Stop Thurston Place College campaign.

    Supporters felt too intimidated to attend community workshops on it, one woman sought police protection and an expat described the community racism as worse than what she witnessed in South Africa, which she left ''to get away from racial intolerance, yet what I'm experiencing in Howick is a lot worse''.

    One resident is quoted as saying: ''If I wanted to be surrounded by these cultures, I'd have bought a house in South Auckland.''
    The report said residents feared property values would plummet, their children would be in danger from bigger Maori and Pacific Islanders, their insurance premiums would rise, property would be stolen and boats at the neighbouring marina damaged.

    Supporters said they were intimidated to the point where they were too scared to attend public meetings while one woman sought police protection ''as a direct result of speaking out in support of the school'', the report said.

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  • Ian Dalziel, in reply to Kumara Republic,


    given the make-up of the appellants.

    Now we see the other side of Dick Quax
    On Destiny Church Super City:

    Auckland councillor Dick Quax says Mr Tamaki's ambitious plans should be praised.
    “He's looking at educating people, helping people with social problems, ” says Mr Quax. “No problems with that whatsoever.”

    On Thurston Place College:

    Auckland councillors Sharon Stewart and Dick Quax, as well as the Howick Local Board, joined the calls for the construction to be halted and the community’s concerns heard.
    “The Minister of Education and the ministry have ridden roughshod over the wishes of the local people who have not been consulted and are rightly worried about having up to 100 teens with severe behavioural problems attending a facility that adjoins their children’s school,” said the councillors.

    ...and now we'll never know what size the classes were going to be...

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  • Bruce Ward, in reply to Joe Wylie,

    I suspect it is Mike Moreu
    Has to be, but without the conclusive signature I wondered if he had a new ID. Any idea where his editorial stuff appears now? I believe that the Nelson Mail used to be his home base.

    That cartoon did appear in the Nelson Mail where the editorial page normally has a cartoon titled Moreu's View.

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  • Joe Wylie, in reply to Bruce Ward,

    That cartoon did appear in the Nelson Mail where the editorial page normally has a cartoon titled Moreu's View.

    Thanks for that Bruce, nice to know he's around.

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  • Kumara Republic,

    Does this remind us of a couple of policies carried out in Australia not too long ago? Talk about diversion via attacking the symptom.

    - Court ordered baby ban backlash

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  • Kumara Republic,

    And further to add, if people out there really do think the only way to tackle poverty is with a Dirty War – a proper Argentine Dirty War – then I’d like for them to be more honest about it. Hell, they can go grab a few M4A1s or Steyrs if they really want to. Like that infamous trigger-happy Israeli settler who was in the news a week or 2 ago.

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