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Hard News: Strange times with Starboy

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  • Robyn Gallagher,

    I think Bowden came across ok. He's an eccentric - and he likes steampunk - so he'd have to majorly shut down his personality to come across as anything but a bit of a weirdo.

    My favourite part of the video though - that the legal highs spokesman had to have his mumbled Kiwi accent subtitled.

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  • Russell Brown, in reply to Robyn Gallagher,

    I think Bowden came across ok. He’s an eccentric – and he likes steampunk – so he’d have to majorly shut down his personality to come across as anything but a bit of a weirdo.

    I found it a bit jarring in the context of the dodgy-looking drug factory. I do actually think he’s sincere about seeking a world with safer recreational drugs, but I don’t rate the conspiracy theory about why his businesses got into trouble.

    And, pending evidence, I'm not convinced by the claims his synthetic cannabinoids weren't a problem but everyone else's were. I'd have been impressed if he'd walked away from that particular class of drugs.

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  • Alan Perrott,

    I wrote a quick fire profile on him when BZP and such were on the rise and he struck me as an oddly sincere, screw ball who was also his own worst enemy.
    that whole alter ego of his was very much a work in progress, mostly limited to white suits and bling so I was tempted to check out that bizarro rock opera of his to see how he'd turned out.
    wish I had really, I've never met the likes before or since - apart from maybe that bloke who used to go out with Aja Rock - and I'm still not sure if he's a cartoon gangster with delusions of drug lord-dom or a bloke who took too much LDS at Berkeley and forgot to leave the party.
    the tax bizzo doesn't surprise me in the slightest either.

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  • william blake,

    Hamilton took one for the team there, a bong of Phenylacetylindoles then a meeting with Peter Dunn's bow tie.

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  • Shulgin,

    I was in - kind of a panic - when I took the bus into town to discuss minute amounts of meth contamination on state house walls. I got off the bus and headed to the University suitably early to appease my panic. I don't go to town often, but I walked up the hill...wasn't that where the "hempstore" used to be?...some sorta mirror store there with videos playing...there were no customers...and I wondered what the hell happened to the hemp store...and what the hell do people do in the this mirror store...i wanted to walk in...but had to go talk about state house meth..

    difficult long chat about meth running down the walls, mold, academic papers, risk, breathing apparatus, gib board...

    I walk back down the hill to the bus past the mirror shop..they are tunneling under my feet to achieve a loop...i smiled to myself and calculated how much the house prices had increased on my trip to town...they pay no capital gain tax...perhaps that was what the mirror store was where the hemp store used to be...past the fast cars killing the planet..

    Hon Dunne was in that video, a one man party, doing work the tories will not touch...Russell mentioned someone looking like an asshole in his article...i suppose he was sort of right...but I think the asshole was Hon Dunne not the steampunk...anyway rock on.... on the house prices bitches...tax free capital gain..looks like shiny mirrors where the hemp store used to be be.

    All in all Grant Hall...asshole...but then again with no capital gain and a massive influx of people...lets just do supply and demand and keep shit simple rather than calling people assholes!

    lets clean up the walls in the state houses, that is the first thing, scrub off the meth residue...could one decide housing new zealand were steampunks?

    don't worry about the dividend steampunks

    heavy rail to the airport...destination bow tie land

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  • Christopher Dempsey,

    Least I understand the issues a bit better now.

    But the elephant in the room that was trumpeting very loudly when Dunne was speaking? Legalisation. Good grief.

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  • Sacha, in reply to Shulgin,

    they are tunneling under my feet to achieve a loop

    the tunnels are already there, 'neath the park

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  • Shulgin,

    if you put steel in kiwi fruit....in the value chain excel margin,,,,it dumps on you like a false cert...and then the funkey bridge drops...like pike river

    NZ • Since May 2011 • 125 posts Report Reply

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