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Hard News: Softly, softly

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  • Sacha, in reply to Tom Semmens,

    yes, that is what I am saying

    Super-diverse Auckland must be such a disappointment then. To say nothing of that Treaty malarky.

    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19745 posts Report

  • linger,

    flying rats arse

    Ah! So that is where the batshit comes from.

    Tokyo • Since Apr 2007 • 1944 posts Report

  • Kumara Republic, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Now what’s that fallacy where people backed into a corner say, “it’s a beltway issue, no one but policy wonks care about mass surveillance and vigilante drones.”? It’s definitely a red herring of some sort. I do know that “what if it was your kid at the Boston Marathon?” was a blatant appeal to emotion.

    The southernmost capital … • Since Nov 2006 • 5446 posts Report

  • Steve Barnes, in reply to Kumara Republic,

    I’m even more antsy that a sizeable chunk of people among us actually support this kind of judge, jury & executioner doctrine.

    Especially when that includes our Pry Mincer and other sizable chunks on the front bench.
    And I am not alone in condemning this shit as Murder...

    "The US drone war has no legal basis under international law. The UN´s Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Philip Alston, has said that the use of drones is not combat as much as `targeted killing´. He has repeatedly tried to get the US to explain how it justifies the use of drones to target and kill individuals under international law. The 2011 murder of US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki and his son in Yemen caused serious debate in the US, and the murder of Daryl Jones should do the very same here."

    "John Key obviously thinks the US government has the right to decide who - including NZ citizens - is allowed to live and who has to die."

    And so he does...

    He shrugged off responsibility for New Zealand's role in the programme.

    "That is a matter for others because we are not the individuals that are conducting those drone strikes ... maybe, in the odd instance we might be [Murdering them] or we might not be, it depends on the circumstance."

    Key will travel to Washington next month for talks with US President Barack Obama - but drone strikes, or mass murder by the NSA, won't be on the table.

    "Yip, President Obama has used drones, that's a matter for them really but I think under the circumstances in which I can see they are being used for the most part I'm comfortable with it," Key said.

    Yippee ki yay Muffuker
    Well, he's already paid Warner Bros to make the movie...
    "JK- The Smiling assassin"

    Some co-workers called him "the smiling assassin" for maintaining his usual cheerfulness while sacking [murdering] dozens (some say hundreds) of staff after heavy losses from the 1998 Russian financial crisis.

    Doncha Kiwis feel proud to have such a man as your leader?.

    * italics all mine but yip,what the hey!

    Peria • Since Dec 2006 • 5521 posts Report

  • Steve Barnes, in reply to Kumara Republic,

    “what if it was your kid at the Boston Marathon?”

    Well indeed, what if?

    With the death of a runner in the Little Rock Marathon two weeks ago, as well as deaths in the 2007 Chicago Marathon and the 2007 US Men’s Olympic Trials, a number of people have recently asked the question, “why do runners die during marathons?”

    This is terrible, damn those terrorists…..
    Oh, hang on…

    A 2012 analysis of almost 11 million runners in marathons and half-marathons from 2000 to 2010 found that just 59 had a heart attack while running. Most of them had pre-existing heart disease. The men (and they were almost all men) were 42 years old on average; 42 of the 59 died.

    Just 42 eh?
    Now, how many died of terrorist bombings?. Just 3

    So, terrorists 3, lack of preventive health care 42.
    I can see where the real problem is, can you?.

    And that’s not all folks…
    Most Common Marathon Injuries..

    1. Blisters
    2. Black Toenails
    3. Chafing
    4. Runners Trots and Nausea
    5. Dehydration
    6. Hyponatremia
    7. Sunburn and Windburn
    8. Muscle Cramps
    9. Hitting the Wall
    10. Sprains, Strains and Stress Fractures

    I note there is no mention of bombings in there but I suppose you might "hit the wall" if you get blown into one.

    Peria • Since Dec 2006 • 5521 posts Report

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