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Hard News: No end of mileage

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  • Nobody Important,

    I think you can fairly criticise the MSM for not exactly showing the highest standards of scientific or statistical literacy, but please let's not encourage media Luddites any more than we do already.

    I wouldn't dream of it, but let's not also allow the debate be coloured by the usual bogus notions of us needing to compete on the global stage. (arrgh - all those memories of those bogus reasons for a waterfront stadium come flooding back!) This country can't even get it's head around wind farms. We want them, but not anywhere near us, or anywhere that might detract visually from the environment.
    Can't they be painted olive green?

    expat • Since Mar 2007 • 319 posts Report

  • stephen walker,

    Rather than dispensing moral panic and making bogus comparisons with the past, maybe the mayors (who were the focus of RB's original post) shold get to work on something that is a bit closer to their core "mission". Y'know, like prudent urban (and rural) planning.

    Energy availability modelling raises crucial transport issues

    Despite rising alarm about future energy availability, major planning initiatives such as the numerous urban developments around New Zealand have not yet incorporated energy shortage/crisis risks.

    "In 2030 there is an 85% chance that people in New Zealand will have 30% less energy than we have now."

    nagano • Since Nov 2006 • 646 posts Report

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