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Hard News: Friday Music: Original Beats

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  • Craig Ranapia, in reply to Russell Brown,

    According to Chuck D, radio stations, record labels and festival promoters can begin changing the culture by including ethics clauses in their contracts, prohibiting artists from being “derogatory to the community [they] come from”.

    Well, that’s interesting, but it’s hard to miss the historical irony that a very long list of African-American artists (including Public Enemy) couldn’t get arrested because of their “ethics”. Would Chuck D consider women or GLBT artists of colour calling out rape culture or homophobia “derogatory to the community” – because plenty of people do. Or is it OK if they get political, as long as they don’t get too sweary about it? And as he spared a moment's thought for another middle-aged man setting himself up as the arbiter of "ethics"; you don't have to be too cynical to think that sounds far too much like the same old song with a slightly different beat.

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