Flying Nun Moments

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  • bob sutton,

    oh all right then - seeing the video of the previous nights gig at the windsor castle the first time i ever pointed a camera at a "band" and discovering the utter sonic carnage that spewed forth the"band"being that lovely duo of the gentlemanly alec "humble"bathgate and the hoary half bearded half shaven knox monster aided by the very long haired dooley the jefferies brothers & chris mathews the song being the TALL DWARFS CRUSH the exact moment being the look on peter jefferies face when he had just replaced a fallen spittle covered microphone back into its clip atop the mic stand and mr knox gabs said microphone and thashs the guitar with it -a moment of true beauty suspended in time forever or any skeptics gig ever the only essential 4 cd f nun boxed set of being the
    SKEPTICS obviously

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