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Field Theory: It's a new season

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  • Geoff Lealand,

    Good to hear you on NatRadio this morning, H.

    Screen & Media Studies, U… • Since Oct 2007 • 2562 posts Report Reply

  • Joe Wylie,

    In living stereo, no less :)

    flat earth • Since Jan 2007 • 4593 posts Report Reply

  • Danielle,

    And Megan got a shout-out, too.

    I liked the interviewing technique. 'So, this "blogging". Explain it to our listeners, for they are not conversant with your alien ways.' Heh.

    Charo World. Cuchi-cuchi!… • Since Nov 2006 • 3828 posts Report Reply

  • JaredA,

    Hadyn's piece can be found here.

    Chch • Since Feb 2009 • 3 posts Report Reply

  • Hadyn Green,

    Thanks y'all it was very fun. Amy and I did joke just before I went in that I would get the old "So, what's a blog?" question.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 2090 posts Report Reply

  • Megan Wegan,

    And Megan got a shout-out, too.

    When I saw him after, I moaned that I hadn't got a shout out. Now I feel bad that everyone by me heard that part.

    Welly • Since Jul 2008 • 1275 posts Report Reply

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