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Alt.Nation: More New Zealand on Air

Further to the previous post about local television programmes in the works, here is another:

Field of Dreams: A reality show in which poor workers are employed as labourers on a tropical island in the hope of winning favours and the right to settle in another country. A cross between Changing Rooms, The Simple Life and Celebrity Treasure Island (without the celebrities). In the first episode our workers go to sunny Samoa.

Readers should feel free to send me their own ideas for local programmes.

Meantime I'm off to spend a day at a mediation meeting about our leaky building (Hey, lawyers, frayed tempers, angry residents . . . It's gonna be fun.)

If you haven’t checked out the great sounds at Music From Elsewhere this week it's here

And I may see you Sunday at 3pm at the Art Gallery where I am speaking (at their invitation) about travel writing and art? Hope so. That'll be much more fun than being in a room full of lawyers.

Righto, look forward to your tele-programnme suggestions: remember the "Right People" at TVNZ and TV3 are probably reading this so . . .