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This Is Not My Dan Carter

You can say a lot of things about TVNZ – and people do – but you can’t say they’ve been mean to local drama lately. Go Girls always gets a big push, and they are promoting the crap out of This Is Not My Life, especially the Charles Mesure in his undies angle. Dude is all over town in his undies. Anyone would think he was Dan Carter. The story I did about TINML is here, and the interview I did with Charles is online here. The cast of V, including Charles, has been at Comic-Con and are interviewed by EW here. I’ve seen the first two episodes of TINML, and it is good. Among other things, it creepily captures a New Zealand version of the picture perfect picket-fence town. Also, Smart cars are funny.

Right, that’s probably enough being nice to TV1. A big tick on the drama promotion, sure, but how shit is the news these days? If it bleeds it leads, with crosses to young reporters who are “across the story”. That just means some poor kid standing pointlessly outside a hospital/empty building/police station at night. I usually manage to watch about three items before stomping out, enraged, on the look-out for better things to do, like clean the loo. Also, Shortland Street really needs to change its opening montage; I count at least three characters who have either gone to Samoa or are dead.

Entertainment Weekly has some great Comic-Con coverage, especially this, for which the technical term is geekgasm.

Here’s my list of shows that we’re really behind on: Friday Night Lights, Burn Notice, Supernatural, Being Human (which hasn’t even started), Chuck. Any thoughts?

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