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Asking the next question

One thing highly annoying to armchair journalists like myself is when the 'obvious' next question isn't asked - where an interviewer has a subject on the ropes, and doesn't know some detail or argument, or can't see a logical consequence of a position, so fails to ask an important question.

With a large number of news articles and blog posts on ACT's recent 'Maori radicals' advertisement, and its general approach to the election campaign, in which the next question doesn't seem to have been asked, I would appreciate if the next journalist interviewing Don Brash would ask something akin to the following:

Dr Brash:

  • if the ACT Party you lead is in Parliament after the general election, could it enter into a confidence and supply agreement with a Government that included Maori Party ministers, was in coalition with the Maori Party, or had an arrangement for support on Confidence and supply with the Maori Party?
  • do you and the ACT Party have confidence in the current government, which includes ministers from the Maori Party? Why?

Feel free to add your own.

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