Island Life by David Slack


Vendor says sell!

I have every sympathy for borrowers who find themselves marooned on the desert island known as Fixed Rate.

Others can be so hard-hearted. Such cold unflinching people they are!
"You knew what you were doing" they say. "No-one made you choose a fixed rate over a floating one" they say. Oh they have no heart. They say: "You made the choice, and why? Because you thought you'd do better on this rate. You made a bet. You bet wrong. That's what can happen in grown-up land."

To those unthinking cold-hearted people I say: can't you be a bit more reasonable? Life would be much better for everyone if we could all just loosen our rules a bit. I for one would like to see the TAB get a bit more relaxed. They're so anal about who gets to collect their money after the race. At the moment, you only get to collect some money if the horse you picked was first or second or third across the line. How unreasonable. I got so disillusioned with this system, I stopped going to the races. The share market is no better. I bought shares in a company once and then when I went to sell them I only got half as much as I'd paid! What a rort.

All I can do is rail, sadly. This is one of those unhappy times when no matter what you say, it won't make people feel any better. I must congratulate our Minister of Finance though. You tell those banks, Bill! They'll listen.

I'm no politician though. I can do nothing to help. The best I can do is suggest you take yourselves out of yourselves and your indebted homes for a couple of hours and take in a movie. That might help. I hear Slumdog Millionaire is quite good.

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