Island Life by David Slack

This just in

In my observation, the Internet is composed of two groups of users: the ones who like pictures of kittens and the ones who like pictures of porn. Remarkably, someone has produced one that will find favour with both groups. here it is. Probably SFW unless you work in a vet clinic.

So cute, and yet so carnal. So feline and yet so filthy. So adorable and yet [Okay, we get it. RB]

Meanwhile in America, here's a lesson for us all about tidiness. People who collect their corks should pay special attention.

The Matariki Kiwi award will probably be going to Mark Inglis at this rate, so if you have someone else in mind, now would be the time to make your nomination.

Thank you very much for all the kind thoughts and good wishes about the looming face-carving. Not everyone thinks I have the right idea, though. Susan sent a message of just two words: "Adrian Brody".