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1742 - Parfait of Foie Gras*

Auguste Escoffier writes:

Fresh foie gras do not bear transport very well, and when sent from a distance, often reach their destination tainted. It is, therefore, difficult, whatever care may have been taken in their preparation, to obtain the results which are achieved by manufacturers who are renowned for this kind of produce.
Consequently, it is preferable to buy the Parfait of foie gras readymade from a good firm rather than try to make it oneself.

* P 571 The Escoffier Cookbook

PSC 1410 - Cartridge of HP Printer

The Techsploder and I had an email conversation this morning that touches on the existential angst of consuming computing goods. An excerpt:

When I think about it, the thing that irritates me most is that I'm pestered by this machine like a toddler. Give me a new cartridge! Align my new cartridge! Go to the store and get six more cartridges! I didn't like that file. Give me a new power cycle!
Can't shoot it, can't put it in time out.

Reminds me of Windows that. It pops up all sorts of useless information constantly. Worst one is Outlook 2007 - when you click on a folder to read mail in there, it pops up a bubble saying "Outlook 2007 is preparing the view" each time.

Just fucking do it and don't bother me with insane chattering...

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