Island Life by David Slack


Q+A. Fill in the blanks.

Q: If tax cuts bring about growth, and growth is what we need to bring an end to our present problems, wouldn't tax cuts be a good idea around about now?
Why would you be wanting to give up on this magnificent beast of an economic weapon at the very moment when you need the biggest guns?
Could it be that the mighty gun actually fires blanks?

Q: The boot camp idea got a bit of a slippering from the experts this week. Paraphrasing: the results suggest they don't appear to do a jot of good.
The reporters went to get a quote from Paula Benefit, whose response, to paraphrase again, was: "experts can say what they like, but we think they work."
My question to the minister: Based on what?

Q: I have been oiling up my chain in great anticipation of the cycleway that will take us all the way to Invercargill boy, but I sense some slippage in the certainty of purpose that under-girded the mighty idea at its birth.
How much of a track are we likely to end up with, precisely?

Q: How many politicians besides John Banks have used the words "I leave that to Whaleoil?"

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