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Who Commits Setchell Harassment?
The majority of people who commit Setchell harassment are Ministers and/or their staff. People who commit Setchell harassment are usually in a position of extreme opinion poll stress.

Where Does Setchell Harassment Happen?
Setchell harassment can take place in an office, on the phone, or by email, but almost never when an employment lawyer or journalist is present.

What Are the Effects of Setchell Harassment?
The effects of Setchell harassment could include the following:

Emotional Effects: extreme anger
Physical Effects: headache
Costs to Employers: days and days and weeks and weeks of debilitating media coverage leading to sagging polls

What to Do If It Happens to You
Always remember that Setchell harassment is not your fault! Place the responsibility on the harasser! Get support and talk to someone you trust. Also drop a note to the press gallery.

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