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He lied to us all

There is a memorable moment early in the Blackadder series.

"Is there someone in there with you?" asks the Queen, and after a pause:
"It’s not a sheep is it?"

From within the four-poster bed, a hidden Richard III offers up a fair simulation of a bleat.

"Oh Edmund," sighs his mother, "It's the lying I find so hurtful."

When the pain of being lied to is more than you can bear, you turn to your friends. You turn to the Internet. Lesama12 turns to Yahoo Answers to put a question which seems more like a general howl of anguish.

How do you get over your ex husband lying over and over, am I looking for closure?

Offer advice at your peril; Lesama12 has been flying through rough air.

I have been through him attempting suicide when I left (as a punishment to me) and then he got out of the Pavilion and told every one at church I had an affair and that's why I left him. (many believed him as I kept my mouth shut)

Result number two in a Google search for the phrase “He lied to us all” yields some tortured Bush doggerel, The Night Before Baghdad. “

He lied to us all
About terror and pain
When all that he's after
Is monetary gain

The whole of the first results page is in fact heavy on complaints about the presidency of the Idiot Son.

Lower down, the passion of the football emerges. A Tottenham Hotspurs fan is venting: The betrayal I felt was personal, had he lied to us all along?

On a MySpace forum, some young man is being discredited for dishonouring his friends, his family, and his flag. Mark didnt go out of this country or this state he is not in the army or anything of that sort he is living in peoria with some girl and he lied to us all .

In Idaho, it is time for Tom Luna to face the music. “Tom Luna Must Directly Answer Allegations or Face Consequences,” writes Joe Vandal, who is ticked off, and ticking off a list.

I am not upset about what Tom Luna may have smoked in his youth, I’m upset that (A) he lied to us all in the last few months and (B

Joe continues in that vein at considerable length. It’s a long litany, but the upshot is plain: Our political representatives should damn well be straight with us.

Oh, Winston! Could it be your memory failing you, and not your lustrous principles?

How can we go on believing you?

It’s not a sheep is it?

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