Island Life by David Slack

Haiku Too

Some entertaining entries already for the Sunday Star Time headline contest, thank you very much. I especially like: Helen Clark plants GM corn in own backyard, and the heroic: Don Brash caught in compromising position with Donkey- National leads polls still .

There's still time, if you have one to suggest. To recap: a copy of Civil War and Other Optimistic Predictions to the person who can most accurately predict this Sunday's front page headline in the Sunday Star Times.

Meanwhile, with a big tip of the hat to Sunnyo, here's another contest that just suggested itself, really.

I thought,
a haiku.

Another copy of the book to the best haiku in response to these pictures of the National Party's Wellington Central candidate and campaign manager both out and about and pressing the flesh.

If the viewing of these images brings forth some aspect of spirituality and provokes an emotional response within you, then do by all means compose three lines of five, seven, and five syllables respectively and just hit the old reply button.

And then a serious post tomorrow. Promise.