Island Life by David Slack

Farrar-length post

The best-kept secret of the Comedy festival is Jo Randerson's show. She has a great ear for dialogue, she's an accomplished actor, she has excellent comic timing, and the theatrical and cathedral influences have rubbed off on the stage-setting. She's only on for three more nights, and is absolutely worth a ticket and an hour of your evening.

Meanwhile over at, odds are getting pretty long on a NO bet on the notion of New Zealand becoming a republic - $13.00 says NO, $1.10 says YES.

Odds are somewhat closer on the prediction: "National wins 2005 election, forms coalition with Maori Party." YES is paying $4.60, NO is paying $1.27.

Post ends. Blogger departs for dinner at the mall with daughter's year two class. Remarks to himself that you could post a hell of a lot of these in a day.