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Dick Headley: noun or adverb?

Around today's news in sixty seconds.

1. Jayden Comes Home. Continuing last week's hard line on criminal justice theory: did you notice how much weight Jayden's Mum lost in prison? Join the dots.

2. The Elephant In The Unaffordable Room. Let's run a sweep: how many more news stories will we get this year about the unaffordability of houses without hearing the dreaded words Capital Gains Tax?

I see some momentum gathering for the argument that the solution might be to stop the artificial land-rationing imposed by planners in cities such as Auckland. "Look at Houston," they say "It just keeps expanding outwards, without limitation, and houses are much more affordable there." Cities like Houston, however, have no waterfront. Are we allowing for that important distinction?

3. Telecom: From Bad To Worse? An idle thought: does Telecom happen to have any investment interest in Venezuela's biggest phone company?

4. State of the President. George W Bush is clearing his throat to deliver a speech that must sure as hell have been hard to write. Here, as a scene setter, Letterman's Top 10 George W. Bush Moments.

5. That's UnAustralian. If thugs were to use an Australian flag to roll up Lebanese women and abduct them from the Big Day Out, and the organisers were then to announce that they were thinking of banning the use of flags, would John Howard and his baying supporters finally grasp the point?

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