Island Life by David Slack


Bad Lieutenants

Somone once asked me if I'd like to run the chain of bars they were buying in Sydney. I said I thought that might be interesting. My friend the barrister told me I should think twice. Pubs in New South Wales? Corrupt cops. Organised crime. Stay out of it, he said. There's a bad-cop stench coming off my newspaper this morning, and I hope we won't be hearing too many more echoes of the Fitzgerald inquiry.

Sydney. Every time we go over, I make noises about picking up sticks and living there for a while. One day.

Public Address Radio will be there next week interviewing New Zealanders who've made the move and are doing interesting things in Australia. We've lined up some good people, but we can always do with more. If you have a story for us we'll be pleased to add you to the schedule, or at least buy you a drink as a loyal Sydney PA reader. Just click the button. We'll be flying out on Wednesday.

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