Island Life by David Slack

And their eyes are too close together

In terms of the war on terror, who do you think should be the next country to invade? Saudi Arabia? Somebody in the Middle East? Perhaps you're thinking Italy. If you are, you're not alone according to the intrepid reporters of CNNNN who took their microphones to the people of America and reported back the perturbing results.

One person nominated Korea. Why? "They're trouble." What's trouble about them? "Their attitude."

And as if a gathering threat along the Flu Danube isn't trouble enough, now the people of France can factor in the worrying news that certain Americans see their country as the next likely invasion target. Why? "Because there seems to be some friction between the United States and France." Perhaps they'll start by dropping the Statue of Liberty on them from a great height.

You can see the whole sorry spectacle by clicking here.

The clip comes from the ABC's excellent Chaser Non-Stop News Network, and I'm putting it up along with a couple of other links I'll be mentioning on this morning's Chewing the Fat spot on Nine to Noon because it's easier to direct people here than to spell out the links.

We'll also be covering the belligerent Smurfs video, which you can see here, and Kevin Roberts' personal contribution to the war on terror, which is here. The broad topic we're exploring is whether advertising can stop people killing one another. I'm something of a skeptic.