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It's not every day you get "bullshit" into a front-page headline in the Herald, is it? The editors seem to have backed off a bit and changed the headline in the course of the morning, after padding the top of the story with some waffle from Mike Moore. But I don't think Phil Goff will be terribly unhappy about his epithet being reported in the papers.

John Key seemed to be backing off his concession that Peters could be foreign minister in a government he led (which I think seriously let Labour off the hook in a political sense) in this morning's Havoc interview. But he was pretty sporting about being invited to the Auckland production of The Hollow Men.

Morning Report had a clutch of Wahine Storm reminiscences this morning, so I might as well chip in my own memory of that day. We lived in Christchurch, I was five, and we had the day off school because the winds were so strong. I remember looking out the window, the radio news being on and that something really bad was happening somewhere else. It felt spooky, I remember.

Not much more time for blogging this morning -- I spent an hour and a half on this interesting but ultimately wearying squabble -- but this week's Media7 is online for your perusal. I enjoyed making it, and I hope you enjoy watching it.

The ondemand version is here, but not for those outside New Zealand. The podcast feed is here (the "economy" part goes first, followed by "property" and Simon's excellent Waiheke story) and the Windows media versions are here.

There's also the Media7 blog, which has a few links about the somewhat controversial Newseum project.

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