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Public Address Word of the Year 2020: Discussion and nomination

In the normal course of things, I launch the Public Address Word of the Year with a post looking back at all the previous winners. But 2020 patently has not been a normal year, so I'll skip that part. (You can still check the record here if you like.)

I've made a change to this, the korero phase, too. It's a given that our thoughts will revolve around a particular global phenomenon this year, so  you'll only be able to nominate one word per post. And three in total.

For the same reason, I've tweaked the prize criteria. Traditionally, the first person to nominate the winning word has won one of our prizes. This year, I'll draw the nomination prize from the top 10 words in the final vote, so you'll have a chance to win even if you're not in in the first few minutes of nominating. It's a bit like how they changed the four-try bonus point in rugby to make it worth continuing to chuck the ball around.

So you, the readers, nominate words in this discussion. After two or three days of the korero, I'll cull the nominations into a long list for the public vote. As ever, there will be a prize drawn at random from everyone who votes.

Regarding those prizes, I'm delighted to say that Nura has come to the party again and we'll have two pairs of the new Nuraloop in-ear earphones to give away. They're the on-the-go version of the original Nuraphone smart headphones. They really are the thing for briefly, mercifully blocking out the news of the day and embracing the healing power of music. Although you could also listen to podcasts.

Righto, I'm wearied by the effort of writing a whole blog post without using any potential nominee words, so it's over to you all now. Give it heaps.

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