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Media3: Game On

One day last week, my sons were very focused. They were, like gamers all around the world, watching the live webcast from E3, the big video gaming conference in Los Angeles.

You'll probably know this if you're interested, but the main event was was the showdown between Microsoft and Sony, who were both introducing next-generation gaming consoles. By popular acclaim, Sony won and Microsoft was left dazed and bleeding on the canvas. You really would think Microsoft would have learned about obstructive digital rights management by now. Alternatively, some people held that they both fell flat.

Unfortunately, Microsoft's problems didn't stop with the ability or otherwise to share games on its new Xbox One console. In the course of one game reveal there was what sounded a lot like a rape joke. And when one blogger noted the absence of female protagonists in Microsoft's lineup of new titles, she was met by a flood of creepy Twitter responses that indicated that while women might be gaming, the culture still harbours a discomforting degree of old-fashioned sexism.

I'll be discussing this and more with New Zealand PC World editor Siobhan Keogh, who's fresh off the plane back from E3, and journalistic joystick jockey David Farrier.

We'll also look at the indications that Fairfax is about to take the plunge into a paywall for Stuff. I'll discuss the implications with former Fairfax head of digital Lance Wiggs and the current head of digital at the successfully-paywalled National Business Review Chris Keall.

The third part of the show will be Jose's field story about spending a day watching what goes on at Auckland's amazing community radio station Planet FM.

And yes, I'll squeeze in a little comment on the Mediaworks news.

If you'd like to join us for this evening's recording, we'll need you to come to the Villa Dalmacja, 10 New North Road, at 5.30pm. It'll be convivial, as ever.

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