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When you see a New York Times editorial headed Let’s Hear It for New Zealand, you just have to find out what that's about. Has the Times joined the Conchords fan club? No. We're part of an "admirable band" of countries holding the line against American attempts to reopen nuclear technology sales to India, a nuclear weapons state.

Meanwhile, Poneke applauds Flight of the Conchords' decision to quit while they're ahead.

Warm congratulations to Phil Twyford for his good position on the Labour Party list. He's a smart, well-qualified and very capable man.

Even David Farrar has praised the list, which does what the party should have done three years ago: focused more on fresh talent. Although I confess, it would have been better to see sometime PA sportsbloggers Grant Robertson and Hamish McDouall a bit higher up.

Josh Marshall explains one of the more significant problems with John McCain's VP pick, Sarah Palin: her judgement. In the course of her 18 months as Alaska Governor, she appears to have used her position to pursue a family feud, then fired a senior state official who refused to play along. And there's more.

This week's Media7 looks at New Zealand's gay media -- which are in even more turmoil than usual, with Express having dispensed with its editorial staff after the Aids Foundation decided to shift $40,000 in safe-sex advertising online, and no local gay programming on mainstream channels, despite there being NZ On Air funding available.

Our panel is Gaynz.com's Jay Bennie, TV producer Johnny Givins and the venerable Douglas Jenkin, who now works for the Aids Foundation. (Yes, I wanted a woman or two on the panel, but it didn't work out that way.) If you'd like to join us for the recording at The Classic tomorrow evening, hit the reply button and drop me a line asap.

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