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Friday Music: Dinosaur Jams

So Dinosaur Jr are back -- and they sound like Dinosaur Jr! Who's complaining? This is from I Bet on Sky, their first album in, well, ages, which is out in September. Like all their best stuff, it somehow manages to be both gentle and gloriously noisy at the same time:

In a wholly different vein, Derek Walin's gorgeous club take on the Xx's 'Do You Mind':

Greg Wilson's edit of Talking Heads' 'Psycho Killer' is an interesting beast. It's based on the version captured in the Stop Making Sense movie and features an extended intro created from the beats on Davd Byrne's ghetto blaster -- which feature in extended form over the film's closing credits. With permission, Wilson released his version on vinyl and it became a cult item. That release is long gone, but he has now uploaded a high-quality WAV version to Soundcloud:

Another 70s gem from Bobby Busnach's digital crate. As ever, be quick on the download. I expect it'll be switched off within a day.

On the home front: Logan Duff (aka Miso Shiru) will be DJing at next week's Orcon Great Blend. In the meantime, he has a downloadable remix of 'Space' from the Home Brew album ...

I wasn't the only one who was delighted to see Watercolours' 'Night Swimmer' win the first monthly vote on The Audience -- and thus go forward for consideration for $10,000 in Making Tracks funding from NZ On Air. It seems that the whole thing has worked really well for her. Personally, I look forward to being able to buy the track. Soon!

The site has had another incremental rejig for its second month. The default filter for display on the home page is now "Focus" (not sure what that means) and you can also opt to view tracks by newest-upload, which is handy

There are some new tracks too: another nice remix of  'Space', outta Christchurch:

Teenage marvel Loui the Zu has another downloadable track from his virtual album LBSB The Fruits of My Labour:

Here's the video for that:

And a great little mini-documentary in which he explains what he's doing:

There is, it needs to be said, some bloody awful rock music on The Audience. On the other hand, there's this reverb-heavy thing from Headaches:

Some boisterous local house music sounds from Terrorball:

And finally, Bella Kalolo was named best female vocalist at 2012 Pacific Music Awards recently. You may have heard her without knowing it on records by Fat Freddy's Drop and Hollie Smith. Now, there's this downloadable remix by Ali Isdale. It is one soulful jam:

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