Hard News by Russell Brown


Emma Hart is a werewolf

Some important stuff came out of the weekend in Warkworth and you'll be seeing it and hearing about it as the week progresses. Today, I am too cognitively drained to do much more than try and get ready for a particularly intense week.

Kiwi Foo Camp 09 was soaked in the usual Foo collaborative magic. I only wish we'd been able to invite more people, but Foo does not scale. Public Address was well represented, with Emma, David, Keith and myself present, along with a number of regular commenters, including Sacha, who proved a very able camper.

Some morsels to savour:

- Emma Hart emerging from the Werewolf room, her eyes bright with bloodlust, declaring "I just killed a lot of people!"

- Saturday night sitting in a darkened room full of geeks cackling at in-jokes and applauding the killer lines in the first episode of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. And no, it wasn't an infringing download from the internet, but a legitimately-obtained screener DVD. Verdict? The first seven minutes are perplexing, but it looks very promising. Sohrt review: Joe 90 with boobs.

- Touching base with some art folks in the "art and social media" session. Don't be strangers now, people.

- An intense (and sometimes emotional) but productive session on investment options for Scoop. As an investor and a longtime friend of Alastair, I really appreciated the time and attention that key people gave this session.

- Sacha and another dude discussing disability policy over several glasses of single malt. It was some high-level shit.

- Watching a RepRap make a tiny kitty.

- Chairing the Saturday night debate on the moot "New Zealand is Fucked". The negative team (Roger Dennis, Rod Oram, David Slack) defeated the affirmative (Bernard Hickey, Sam Tobin, Lance Wiggs) by general acclaim, although that should not be taken as an indication of debating skill so much as an expression of ineffable optimism. It was very, very funny.

- Section 92(a). Watch this space. Soon.

<b?PS: On another tip entirely: Cabaret Voltaire remix Kora! (hat tip: Peter McLennan). MySpace here, blog comment here.

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