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An Easter whip-round

Hello readers! My, you're looking clever today. Fetching, too. And so poised. Did I mention it's time for another little whip-round for Public Address's costs, and to help with a couple of new projects?

I'm planning a couple of things. One is a new Public Address blogger, for whom we'll need to create a masthead, and the other is something I've thought about doing for years: a Questions feature, which will allow you ask and answer each other questions about Things, and then merrily continue chatting about some peripherally-related topic (it's what you do, right?).

Because I am of puerile mind, the only Question that comes to mind at the moment is "Why do we tolerate, or perhaps even revel in, the smell of our own farts?" but you get the picture. I'm thinking both science and the humanities.

The proceeds will also, as ever, be used to retire a bit more of our debt with the endlessly patient CactusLab. (Ironically, I did actually receive  very welcome back-payments for months of advertising this summer, but for once actually needed to use it to pay the mortgage, given that I was on a two-month unpaid break from the telly.)

Believe me, I have responded to suggestions that we explore some kind of voluntary subscription system, but the one proposal I had discussions about wasn't able to proceed. I have another idea.

Also: it'd be rude to ask for your help without asking you what you'd like to see here, so feel free to share your views on that too.

Anyway, if you're able to chip in, you can transfer your chosen sum to the Dubwise Arrangements bank account: 030255 0166635 00 (use the code "Easter" to identify your donation), or you can click on this here PayPal button:

If you're feeling particularly generous and embracing of the new world of crowdfunding, don't forget we're also backing two active PledgeMe campaigns:

The Pat Hanly "cultural hero" wall

And the push to clear the New Zealand skate history 'No More More Heroes' for release.

But mostly, whatever you do at Easter, I hope you and yours have a good break. Be careful and kind out there.

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