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Tuesday Drinks

So it's the episode where Bart is in a boy band (at the height of the boy band phenomenon and featuring N*Sync). Turns out the Navy is behind it and are using the band as part of a recruitment drive, seeding the songs with subliminal messages. It's part of a three-pronged approach: subliminal, liminal, and super-liminal. Super-liminal? "Hey you! Join the Navy!"

My point, and I still believe I have one, is "Hey you! Go drink some beer!"

In the last month or so a whole bunch of amazing beer has hit the market and if you don't try it you may be missing out on some amazing tastes. Especially because some of them may never be seen again; such is the mysteries of craft beer.

And seriously, isn't a good time for drink. Budget, tornadoes, stupid protests for a sign, post-rapture god-am-I-still-here blues.

Go have some Hop Zombie (Auckland launch tonight at Andrew Andrew). It's really bitter, but the huge amount of hops in it give the beer a crazy sweetness that is almost like a fruit salad. Luke from Epic (who makes the beer) says it might be because the oil from the hops coats your mouth and stops the bitterness from being so harsh. It's a weird taste and one you should really try.

More weirdness can be found inside a glass of Rescue Red Ale. It's a hoppy, red saison. And frankly I don't know what to make of it. Even after two glasses on Saturday. I think I like it, but it's such an odd combo that I want to reserve judgment until I have had a few more. It's called "Rescue" though for a reason, like Mash-Up below, this about brewers helping others. All proceeds from this beer go to Christchurch and Queensland flood charities. How can you NOT drink one?

Perhaps before the odd taste of Rescue Red though, you should drink a Mash-Up. If only perhaps for its clever name. It should definitely be your first beer of the evening. A nice fruity beer with a hoppy bite (all NZ Hops naturally), but very little body (which I don't like, but some others like) But the coolest thing about Mash-Up… no wait, the coolest thing is still the name… but one of the cool things about this beer is that it's the collaboration of a bunch of NZ brewers and the final act of Luke's NZ Craft Beer TV.

Craft Beer TV is one hell of a road trip and a self-funded online TV show meant to showcase New Zealand's craft brewers. From the bottles you find at the supermarket to the garage brewers making a single runs of some amazing beers and, let's be honest, some awful ones too. But's that's the adventure of creativity right?

And because you don't have enough adventures, go drink a Yeastie Boys' Rex Attitude. Sweet fucking Jesus this beer will sort you out. Best make it the last beer of the evening though, you won't taste much afterwards.

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